Mary Wood Molo, MD

Mary Wood Molo, MD

Women’s Health Consultants

Infertility or recurrent pregnancy loss can be heartbreaking for women and couples who are trying to start or expand their families. At Women’s Health Consultants, Dr. Mary Wood Molo, a board-certified physician in reproductive endocrinology/infertility and director of the IVF program at Rush University Medical Center, is committed to doing everything possible to help her patients have a baby. All patients—from those couples experiencing pregnancy loss or delays in conception to those with complex histories who have not yet experienced reproductive success with other programs—are welcome.

Dr. Wood Molo keeps her practice small so she can offer personalized care and an exceptional physician-patient connection. After a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, Dr. Wood Molo offers each couple an extensive review of available treatment options, paying particular attention to the pros and cons of each alternative. After thoroughly exploring multiple possibilities with her patients, she is committed to including them in the process of selecting the best course of treatment.

From pinpointing the causes of infertility to discerning the best possible path to conception, Dr. Wood Molo and her team strive to provide guidance and emotional support through every phase of testing and treatment. At Women’s Health Consultants, no one is “just another patient.”

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